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If you think the temperature within your house is all that matters when it comes to comfortable living, think again. You must also ensure that your air quality is as high as can be in your home if you want to live in true comfort. There are a lot of different problems which may plague your indoor air quality, though, and you may be at a loss as to how you can improve conditions. The Omaha, NE indoor air quality specialists on our team are here to help. Just call a member of our staff today, and we will go about determining how best to boost indoor air quality in your home. Contact us with any questions you may have, and rest assured that our IAQ technicians have the products and services you need to breathe easy.

Our indoor air quality specialists at Mr. Cools Heating & Air offer quality air purifiers, humidifiers, insulation, ductwork services and more throughout the Omaha area. Give us a call today to set up an appointment 402-871-1090


As important as it is to keep air quality high in your living space, you can’t just rush into anything when it comes to the air quality systems that you will use to improve your IAQ. There are many different issues that you may encounter with the quality of your air, and it is necessary to use the right tools in order to combat your particular problem. Here are some of the indoor air quality systems and services we offer in Omaha, NE. No matter what you need to keep the air in your home pure, we have got you covered.


Air filtration systems are one of the most basic ways in which you can go about improving the quality of the air that you breathe in your home. In order for your air filtration system to operate properly, of course, you must ensure that it is the right efficiency for your HVAC system and your particular needs. When you work with our IAQ specialists, you can be sure of it.


Low humidity levels may not sound like that urgent a problem, but a lack of adequate moisture in the air throughout your home can actually lead to some serious issues. Don’t allow low humidity levels to make your living space less comfortable than it ought to be, or to put your property at risk. Make whole–house humidifiers your best line of defense.

Just as disruptive to your comfort as very dry air, excessively moist air can be a real hassle. With whole–house dehumidifiers, you can bring humidity back down to an appropriate level. Allow us to install and service your new dehumidifier.


Are your air ducts leaking air? Are they allowing pollutants to make their way into your HVAC system, putting its operation at risk and infiltrating your home via your ductwork? If so, professional duct sealing may be your only hope of protecting your air quality. Contact us for more details about the duct sealing process.

Determining if there is in fact a problem with your air ducts can be quite challenging. That is why you should call in a pro with the tools and training necessary to evaluate your air ducts properly. Call us to schedule professional duct testing, and we’ll figure out precisely where your problems lie.


The insulation in your home does more than just keep your house efficient. It can also provide a valuable barrier with which to protect your house from pollutants. To learn more about insulation or any other products and services we offer, dial our number and speak with an Omaha, NE indoor air quality specialist on the Mr. Cools Heating & Air team.

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